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Manage your property from anywhere with our convenient and flexible cloud-based systems

Cloud-Based Access Control

Manage access to your facility from anywhere with our convenient and flexible cloud-based access control systems.

  • Lock and unlock doors while on the go

  • Add and delete users and cardholders remotely

  • Flexible reporting tools to monitor facility access

  • Available for mobile devices, laptops and tablets

Access Control Services

Our access control systems provide you with incredible flexibility to manage the security of your facilities. Whether you are responsible for a small strip mall, a church, a medium-sized office building, or a large manufacturing facility – controlling access to your buildings is a critical component of managing risk today.

Our featured managed access control solution makes it easy to keep your premises secure without you having to learn and manage complicated software. Our access control systems are customized to the needs of your organization and are focused on providing you a simple, flexible way to control, manage, track and document access control events.

Additional options to enhance your access control system include:

  • Photo Badging: By adding a software package and printer, you can add another layer of security by using printed photo identification badges.

  • Intercom: Video Intercom System with remote door lock release for more effective entry control.

  • Integration with Video Surveillance Systems: By integrating digital video and access control in a single, simple-to-use platform – we can give you greater capabilities and the power to interface seamlessly. You can capture and verify live video and tie it to an alarm event, generate video pop-ups as the event occurs, and can pan, tilt, zoom and monitor up to 16 cameras at a time.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems have become much more sophisticated in recent years. With the introduction of IP-based systems and megapixel images, newer security cameras can provide much more information and clarity than they could in the past.  If you haven’t seen the image from a megapixel surveillance camera, contact us for a free demonstration.

Our latest Digital Video Systems provide much faster access to critical video recordings than older recording solutions. These digital recording units allow you to easily search for recorded video events and can be connected via the Internet to allow you to view the video from a remote computer or a mobile device like an iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet. Also, these newer systems allow for cloud-based recording and management.

Intrusion Detection

Today’s security systems are much more advanced. With remote accessibility via the Internet or through a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad, Android device, you can arm and disarm your system from anywhere and receive emails and text messages with updates on the status of your alarm system. By utilizing a wide range of detection devices, our intrusion detection systems can give you the advanced knowledge and control you need to effectively manage the security of your organization.

We are proud to provide Honeywell’s award-winning Total Connect service. With Total Connect, you now have the option to manage your security from anywhere at any time. With an Internet connection, you can manage your security via a web browser or on your iPhone or Android smartphone. These are some of the exciting features and benefits:

  • Gain increased flexibility - arm and disarm your security system from anywhere at any time.

  • Maintain peace of mind – check on the status of your security system from your mobile device.

  • Stay connected – received email alerts when your security system is armed and disarmed or when it is in alarm.

  • Real-time updates – use optional wireless cameras to view video from your secured areas.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our advanced smoke and fire detection systems can help protect your property from damaging fires. And, the use of new broadband and wireless communication technologies have helped eliminate the need for separate telephone lines which can be expensive.

Don’t wait for a fire to interrupt the operations of your business!

Specialized Services

In addition the the core services listed above, we also provide these specialized services:

  • Security Assessments

  • Technology Integration

  • Security Consulting and Design

  • System Inspections

  • System Monitoring

  • Networking Services