Access Control with Video Integration

One of the features of some access control systems that many users are not aware of is the ability to integrate a video surveillance system with the access control system.

Access control systems are used to verify that a card or fob presented at a card reader is a valid card and is authorized for use to access that particular door at a particular time.  However, the access control system is unable to determine if the person using the card is the person authorized to enter or if the card has been borrowed or stolen.

This is where video integration can augment the functionality of an access control system.  With a video system integrated into an access control system, specific cameras located at card access doors can be linked to those specific card readers so that there is video evidence logged with each presentation of a card.  So, as an example, if there is an invalid card read, video can be searched directly from the access control software to see who attempted to present an invalid card.

Picture of Video Integration

By linking an access control system and a video surveillance system, the process of searching video for specific access control events becomes much quicker and easier which saves you time and money.

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-Scott Hightower, Verified Security