Door Access Control System

Door Access Control System | As a business owner, you have invested vast amounts of time and capital into your workplace, including equipment, computers, vehicles, furniture, business records, and much more. You’ve also built a team of employees and professionals who serve your customers from inside the facility you’ve worked tirelessly to create. These people and resources are far too important to jeopardize and protecting them is a high priority task that should be handled with care.

Access control systems are essentially smart locks that require predetermined credentials to access different locations in your facility. You can lock down important areas that are not meant for visitors to keep your operations running smoothly while also keeping your staff and customers safe. These precautions protect your enterprise from unwanted events that can endanger your business's reputation and cost you financially. Ensure that your company is protected from accidents, burglary, theft, vandalism, and trespassing with access control.

Access control systems also save time and business expenses due to the following:

  • Liability protection
  • Ease of employee access
  • No traditional keys to worry about
  • Reduced cost of security personnel
  • Eligibility for insurance discounts

Verified Security’s access control systems also integrate with other security measures, including intrusion security solutions. As one of a limited number of Honeywell Authorized Security Providers, Verified Security offers many access control options for your business.

door access control system

Door Access Control System | The Benefits

Keeps Troublesome Individuals Out of Your Workplace

Limit who can enter your facilities with an access control system. With video monitoring integration, Verified Security’s 24-hour remote surveillance team is alerted and can summon emergency services.

Safety and Liability Protection

Many businesses use machinery or dangerous chemicals in their production processes. Often, these present a danger to those who are unqualified to be around such hazardous materials. Verified Security’s access control systems allow you to create restrictive zones, so only authorized people can enter hazardous areas.

Increase Ease of Access for Employees

Implement a state-of-the-art access control system that allows fast access for authorized employees, even with heavy foot traffic. Depending on how many employees need to access your building, you can choose between traditional- or new, high-speed access technology.

No Traditional Keys to Worry About

Old-fashioned keys have a tendency to disappear. With Verified Security access control systems, you never have to change the locks. For example, when an employee is terminated, you can electronically block that person from entry.

Saves Money on Security Personnel

With access control, your property is monitored for unauthorized access 24/7/365, so you can cut down on costly security guard expenses.

Types of Credentials

Verified Security offers a wide array of credential options, from traditional to cutting-edge:

  • Badges
  • Key Cards
  • Keypads
  • Smartphones
  • Biometric entry

These credentials contain technology that communicates with the door's access control panel which is connected to the door lock. For instance, a key card may contain a magnetic stripe that the card reader will recognize to disengage the electronic door lock. This eliminates the need for a ring of keys to be carried around the facility.

Types of Access Control Systems

Verified Security offers three types of access control systems: software-based, cloud-based, and standalone. All are effective, but each comes with different features and costs.

Software-Based Access Control

Software-based access control systems utilize dedicated onsite servers to communicate with access control devices. These systems work with traditional access methods, such as keycards, key fobs, and badges. These systems do not offer as much versatility as the more sophisticated cloud-based systems. This is because servers must be installed and maintained and regular software updates require an onsite visit from the security company.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based systems run on servers hosted by the provider, saving you the cost and storage space of internal servers. They also save time and money through automatic updates that can be installed remotely. These systems also offer the ability to grant and revoke access remotely, and allow for system management with devices such as smartphones. They are compatible with both traditional access methods and state-of-the-art methods, such as biometrics.

Standalone Access Control Systems

For companies in need of a simple and economic system, a standalone, keypad access control system does the trick. These systems are built for both indoors and outdoors, have illuminated keypads, and are easy and inexpensive to install.

Types of Locks

Verified Security provides many types of door locks, including the following:

  • Electric mortise locks, which contain a solenoid that requires access credentials to enter but no credentials to exit.
  • Cylindrical locks that can be locked/unlocked electronically .
  • Electric strike locks, which are used in conjunction with a card reader and can be connected to an integrated or standalone system.
  • Magnetic locks that use an electrical current to lock/unlock the door and are fail safe (unlock in a power outage).
  • Shear locks, which are magnetic locks that are concealed in the door and frame.
  • Electric drop-bolt locks that are designed for glass and swing (two-way opening) doors.

Verified Security Access Control Integrates With Existing Systems

Implementing a Verified Security door access control system does not automatically require you to replace existing equipment. In fact, most Verified Security access control systems, including software-based, cloud-based, and standalone, integrate with many different types of security systems. Speak with one of our security professionals to discuss how we can bolster your current security measures.

Video Surveillance Integration

A combination of access control and video surveillance is the ideal setup to ensure maximum defense for your business. By adding IP cameras to your roster of security measures, you can both monitor and control your facility. With these two systems integrated, you gain all the benefits of access control plus the many features of advanced video surveillance, including the following:

  • Video evidence of unwanted events
  • Record of employee or visitor misconduct
  • Video monitoring for more immediate response to emergencies
  • Motion detection alarms
  • Video analytics for more proactive notifications

Learn more about Verified Security's video surveillance options here.

Verified Security Access Control Systems Protect Your Investment

A business requires the investment of capital, time and effort. Protecting these investments should always be a priority. Verified Security access control systems defend your company against intrusion while providing ease of access for employees and protecting the company from liability. The resources of your business are too valuable to risk, so Verified Security provides the solutions that keep your investments safe.

We proudly serve the greater Atlanta area and look forward to working with your company. To learn more about how we can protect your business with sophisticated video surveillance and access control systems, contact Verified Security today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an access control system?
    An access control system is a method of securing doors and other entry points with added security precautions. It is essentially the advanced version of having keys to unlock doors. Instead of carrying a physical key for each door on the premises, a singular keycard, key fob, smartphone, or employee badge can act as the key to multiple entry points. By integrating card readers, keypads, or biometric scanners to your entry points, you can outfit your facility with a variety of security measures to protect your facility and those inside it.
    Why is access control important?
    There are many instances where keys can go missing, and then that lost key becomes a safety hazard. If an unauthorized person found it, they could enter sections of your facility that they have no business being in. If a keycard was to go missing, the card could be deactivated, nullifying the safety hazard. This also makes acquiring keys from previous employees easier and makes giving new keys to new employees quicker as well. Large key rings are outdated and cumbersome, whereas a keycard is easy to carry and use. You can also implement an audit using system reports to check and see who has entered a specific entry point at a specific time, which can be a useful resource.
    What are the types of access control?
    Verified Security implements three types of access control solutions, Software-Based, Cloud-Based and Standalone systems. Software-Based options are dependent on dedicated onsite servers to manage the process of reading credentials and controlling door locks.Cloud-Based options are more sophisticated and do not require on-site servers. Instead, the system runs off of our cloud platform so that no server is needed which can make operations far more manageable. Finally, Standalone systems work independent of one another and usually control a single entry point.
    What are the components of access control?
    In every access control system there is an entry point that must be outfitted with an electric lock, a credential reader, a type of credential to give to your personnel, and a power source. When combined, this allows the user to present the correct credential and have the door lock disengage, granting entry.
    What does access control cost?
    The price of implementing access control security measures can vary depending on the size and sophistication of the system. Larger systems with more advanced software and hardware will be more expensive than a single standalone unit. To learn more about your facility’s needs, contact Verified Security to speak with one of our experts.
    Can an access control system integrate with existing security infrastructure?
    Yes. Oftentimes when installing a new security system, pieces of the old system can be integrated in to maintain their usefulness. There are instances when outdated tech will not be able to carry over, but this depends on both your new and existing equipment. Our professionals will be able to give you a more direct answer once we’ve seen your facility.
    Why use an access control system instead of keys?
    In short, keys are outdated. They are cumbersome and difficult to manage. Replacing a ring of keys with a key card or the smartphone that you already carry with you saves on time and money while also being more efficient. Also, an access control system allows you to generate reports of door entry activity which helps you better manage the security of your facilities.