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    General Questions

    How do I change my alarm codes?
    To change your alarm code on a Honeywell Vista-20P or Vista-21IP alarm control panel (the type of system you have is listed on the inside door of the brown metal alarm control cabinet), you first enter your four digit master code, then press 8, then enter the two digit user number you want to change (03-32 are the valid user numbers), and then enter the new four digit code for the user. The keypad should beep twice to let you know that the code was accepted. As an additional verification step, you can enter the new code and then press the Off button to verify that the new code works (the system should beep after you press Off). If you do not have a Honeywell Vista-20P or Vista-21IP alarm control panel, please contact us for instructions.
    How do I retrieve video from my Digital Video Recorder and record it to a CD or to my computer?
    Every Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has a different procedure for retrieving video. You will need to check the user manual for your DVR to get the instructions. If you need the user manual for your DVR, please contact us.  We would be happy to send you one.
    How do I know if my Digital Video Recorder is recording?
    You should see a red record light on the front of your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) when it is recording. As an additional step, you should periodically view recorded video on your DVR to ensure that it is recording properly.
    Why can’t I view my video remotely over the Internet?
    To view video remotely over the Internet from your Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you must first have your DVR connected to a high-speed Internet connection and ensure that it is programmed for remote network access. If you have confirmed that it is connected and configured properly, then there may be a problem with your router or your Internet connection. When you can interrupt your Internet connection, you should power down your modem (cable or DSL), your router, and your DVR and wait two minutes. Then, you should first power up your modem and wait for a minute or two. Then, you should power up your router and wait for a minute or two. Then, you should power up your DVR and try the remote access again. If this process does not work, please contact us for technical support.

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