Are you Missing Out on the Benefits of Integration?

Many of our customers have alarm systems, video camera systems, or card access control systems. Some have all three. But, often these systems are operated as stand-alone systems without any integrated functionality. This might mean using three different logins or three different mobile apps. Or, having to run three different reports to get data from three different systems. Not very efficient.

Maxpro Cloud

Maxpro Cloud

Today, integration has become much easier to achieve and the benefits of integration are greater than ever. For example, with platforms like Honeywell’s Maxpro Cloud, you can present a valid access card to both unlock a door and disarm the security system at the same time. Or, an alarm at a door could be used to trigger a video recording on your camera system. These are just two examples that demonstrate the power of true platform integration.

The other advancement with security system integration is that it is less expensive than it used to be to integrate these systems. In the past, it might have cost tens of thousands of dollars to deploy a fully-integrated security platform. Over time, the cost of installing and managing an integrated system has continued to drop making it much more cost-effective to realize the benefits that come from using an integrated security platform.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of integrating your security systems, this is a link to an article in Security Sales & Integration magazine:

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-Scott Hightower, Verified Security