Copper Theft on the Rise Again

With copper prices at a level approximately thirty percent higher than they were a year ago, thieves are continuing to target this metal for theft.  Scrap copper, copper wiring, and air conditioning units have all been stolen in recent months throughout metro Atlanta.

As you can read about in this recent article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) newspaper, air conditioning units were stolen from Roswell Street Baptist Church.  How would like to show up at your church, business, or home and find out you have no air conditioning or heating?

So, what can you do?

There are a number of ways to secure air conditioning units and to prevent copper theft.  One option would be to use verified video systems like Videofied which we profiled in an earlier blog post.  Another solution is to use outdoor motion detectors from security system manufacturers like Honeywell.  A third solution would be to use specialized sensors that can be connected to air conditioning units and linked back to your security system.  These sensors would activate the security system when triggered.

Honeywell Motion Detector

Honeywell Outdoor Motion Detector

Any of these solutions can be used individually or together to prevent copper theft.  If you have unprotected air conditioning units, you should talk to your security systems company today to find out more about the options.

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security