Did Gumby Do It?

Have you heard of Art Clokey? He was the creator of Gumby, the beloved green clay television star. He died in 2010 but October 12 would have been his 90th birthday. This is a link to his Wikipedia article:

Wikipedia Entry on Art Clokey

So, what does this have to do with a security blog?

Alleged Gumby Robber

Alleged Gumby Robber

Well, recently, a young man dressed as Gumby tried to rob a San Diego-area convenience store and the incident was captured on the store’s video surveillance system.  This is a link to ABC news video (including the video surveillance clips) about the incident:

Gumby Robbery Surveillance Video

While this is pretty humorous overall, it is fortunate that this store did have video of the incident to help the police see how the event played out.  However, the video quality is not very good and better quality video could have helped.

The newest generation of video surveillance cameras can provide high-definition or megapixel video quality.  And, the prices have been coming down as the technology has improved (think about how affordable high-definition televisions have become).  So, there is no need to suffer with poor quality surveillance video!  There are much better solutions available now.

-Scott Hightower

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