Easier Access Control

Do you have an access control system for your facility that allows you to use access cards or keyfobs to open locked doors?  If so, you probably manage that system with a server that has software that holds the system configurations and the list of cardholders.

If you are like many people that we talk to who have to manage access control systems, the software can sometimes be cumbersome to use.  And, the server has to be maintained which means ensuring that it stays virus-free and that the access control database is backed up (we hope you are backing up your database regularly!).

There are some new technology options for managing access control systems that do not require managing a server with software.  We will talk about the first option in this blog post with more information coming in future posts.

Some newer access control systems will allow you to store the database in the control panel (instead of on a server) and to use a web browser to manage your system.  One example of this is Honeywell’s NetAXS platform.  The NetAXS system can be used with just a web browser or it can be used as part of a larger system that includes a full server deployment with management software.

Many of our customers find it easy and hassle-free to manage their access control systems with only a web browser.  No more servers to maintain!  And, the Honeywell NetAXS system has many of the standard features of a full-blown access control system.

Recently, Honeywell released an enhancement to their NetAXS platform that allows for basic video integration.  So, with this new enhancement, a few cameras can be added to the basic access control platform so that clips can be recorded when triggered by access control events like valid and invalid card reads.

In a future post, we will talk about managed access platforms and the benefits they bring.  As always, let us know if you have questions.

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security