Follow the Rules with Maxpro Cloud

Maxpro Cloud is a cloud-based security platform built by Honeywell and installed, serviced, and managed by Honeywell partners like us.  It is a very flexible and scalable system for managing door access control, video and alarms.  It has many great features and benefits and the Maxpro Cloud rules engine is one of them.

With Maxpro Cloud rules, you can trigger actions when certain conditions exist.  Those trigger conditions can be based on device activities, schedules or time conditions.  Below is a picture that shows the setup of a new rule in Maxpro Cloud.

Based on the triggers you choose, you can initiate actions such as sending a notification or activating a device like a siren or a flashing strobe light.

How might this benefit you?  Would you like to know if someone has propped open a security door that is supposed to stay closed?  Or, would you like to know if someone attempted to use an invalid card at one of your card readers?  These are just two examples of the many options you can select when setting up rules for Maxpro Cloud.

Maxpro Cloud was designed to be easy to use and flexible to give you the most options for managing the security and access control of your facilities.  If you have questions about your options for access control and security, please do not hesitate to contact us at

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security