Holiday Decorations Swiped in Macon

The Grinch is back!  In the latest caper, thieves broke into a storage area for holiday decorations in the city of Macon and stripped all of the copper from the decorations.  Here is the link to the article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Would you think you would have to secure the holiday decorations with something more than a lock on a storage space?

These days, you do.  It is a shame but it is the way life is in America these days.  Desperate people are stripping copper from holiday decorations.

As regular readers know, there are many ways that commercial facilities can be secured.  From commercial security systems to video surveillance systems to unique security systems like Videofied that combine the two, there are very cost-effective solutions that can protect the assets of any business.

Keep the Grinch away this holiday season!

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security