Is Amazon in the Access Control Business?

As you may have heard, Amazon now offers a service called Amazon Key which provides a way for you to allow an Amazon delivery person to access your home to deliver a package.  The electronic lock provided by Amazon is paired with a cloud-based camera so the delivery process can be viewed and recorded.  Amazon also recently announced that is has acquired Ring, a manufacturer of a cloud-based video doorbell.

While Amazon’s unique integration of access control and video is new in the residential consumer environment, it has been available for some time in commercial environments.  But, the change for commercial facility security is that there are now more flexible cloud-based solutions for integrating video and access control.

One example of a cloud-based service that integrates video and access control is Maxpro Cloud from Honeywell.  With this innovative platform, users can monitor and manage facility access control and live and recorded video from anywhere at any time on a variety of devices.


Why integrate video with your access control system?  One of the key reasons is to use video footage to verify activity from the access control system.  Cards and fobs can be borrowed or stolen and recorded video can provide a true record of who entered a facility.  Also, recorded video can provide evidence of unauthorized attempts to enter a facility.

Integrating video with your access control system provides another layer of security to better protect your facilities.

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-Scott Hightower, Verified Security