Man Living on Roof of Waffle House

Did you see the recent news about the man that was found living on top of a Waffle House in Augusta, Georgia?  If you didn’t see any of the original news articles, here is a link to one of them:

So, this raises several questions.  First, why would someone choose to live on top of a Waffle House in the heat we have been experiencing in Georgia lately?

The second question is about safety.  Is it really safe for someone to live on the roof of a Waffle House?  Probably not.

The next question in my mind is about security.  What sort of security system did the Waffle House have and was their roof protected?  In our experience, many business owners and managers do not think about securing their roofs when they have a security system installed.  But, the roof can be an area of great vulnerability if it is not protected.

In the past, many burglaries have begun with the crooks entering through the roof.  They know that the roof and ceilings are often unprotected by the security system.  But, all is not lost.  It is possible to protect your roof and/or your ceiling.  There are outdoor motion detectors from Honeywell as well as outdoor MotionViewers from Videofied (see my earlier blog post to learn more about Videofied).

So, there are solutions that can be used to protect your roof.  You just have to know what to ask for!

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security