Manage Your Security from the Cloud

In a recent blog post, I outlined the reasons why using cloud services would provide benefits to our end users.  In this post, I will talk about some of the specific benefits provided by a cloud security service we provide, Maxpro Cloud.

Maxpro Cloud is a hosted cloud-based platform that provides access control and video services.  Instead of using a traditional Windows-based software platform for managing your card access control system or your camera system, you can use Maxpro Cloud to manage your system.

You may have already guessed one of the key benefits of using a service like Maxpro Cloud—no software required.  When you are using a cloud-based service, there is no software to purchase (saves money!), no software to install and keep updated (saves money!), and no server to purchase and maintain for hosting the software (saves money!).

A second benefit of using a service like Maxpro Cloud is that feature updates can be pushed down to end users more quickly and easily.  In the past, if you were using a Windows-based software package to manage your card access control system, you would need to pay for new software when it was released to get the latest features.  With Maxpro Cloud, new features can be added without purchasing new software.

A third benefit of using a cloud-based service is that mobile applications can be added more easily.  As an example, a mobile app for managing access control functionality and camera functionality is included with Maxpro Cloud.  Since the mobile app is communicating back to the cloud-based platform, no local network changes are needed to make it work.  Easy!

These are just some of the compelling reasons to try a cloud-based solution like Maxpro Cloud to manage the physical security of your facility.  As always, if you have any questions, please email me at

Thank you,

Scott Hightower, Verified Security