Mobile Access a Top Trend for 2018

Several weeks ago, HID Global, a leading manufacturer or access control technology and credentials, issued a report on their top five access control trends for 2018.  Security Sales and Integration magazine published an online story that outlines those five access control trends.

One of those trends is titled “Mobile access reaches tipping point for mass market adoption.”  Mobile access refers to the ability for an authorized user to use his or her mobile device to gain access to a facility instead of having to use an access card or key fob.


As a provider of facility access control solutions in Atlanta and throughout the southeastern United States, we are hearing more frequent requests for mobile access and credentials from our customers.  According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans now own smartphones.  Since they have become so prevalent and people are integrating them into their daily activities, it is natural for there to be a desire to use a smartphone instead of an access card in order to gain access to a facility.

We think that we will see this trend towards using smartphones as access credentials accelerate.  In a few short years, we expect that we will see much less use of traditional cards for facility access.