More Than a Card Reader

For many of you who use access control systems to manage the traffic coming and going to your facility, you may think of your system as a group of card readers.  When cardholders arrive at the office, they present their cards to the readers and are granted access to your building.

But, access control systems can be so much more than a set of card readers.  For example, video can be integrated into your access control system to supplement the standard reporting of your system.  Would it be useful to have cameras near your card readers so that you could review recorded video if someone attempted to make an unauthorized entrance?  Or, would you ever want to take a peek at a video clip if your access control reports showed that some of your cardholders were accessing the building at unusual hours of the day?

With video integration, camera views can be linked to card readers so that video clips can be retrieved based on access control events.  These events might involve valid cards used or they might involve attempts to use invalid cards.  Video verification of access control events can give you the true picture of what is happening at your facility.

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-Scott Hightower, Verified Security