New 180 Degree, 20 Megapixel Camera from Arecont Vision

Arecont Vision, a leading manufacturer of megapixel video surveillance (CCTV) cameras, has released a new 20 megapixel, 180 degree, day/night, dome camera.  This new camera has four 5-megapixel imagers in one dome camera housing and it allows users to get wide views with high-resolution quality.

Picture of Arecont Vision Camera

Arecont Vision AV20185DN Camera

 I predict that megapixel video surveillance cameras will soon become the norm in the video surveillance world.  If given a choice today, would you buy a standard-definition analog television for your home or would you buy the digital, high-definition version?  Of cource, you would buy the high-def TV!

 It is the same with video surveillance cameras.  Once you see the high-definition images from a megapixel camera, you won’t want to go back to standard-definition, analog cameras.

If you want to learn more about this new camera from Arecont Vision, this is the link to the product page on their website.

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-Scott Hightower, Verified Security