Next Generation Cloud-Based Access Control and Video

About two weeks ago, Honeywell launched the latest iteration of their cloud-base access control and video management platform, Maxpro Cloud. Maxpro Cloud has been available for some time and this was the launch of a new user interface with enhanced features and functionality.

The great thing about Maxpro Cloud is that it makes it very easy to monitor and manage your access control and video systems from anywhere.

With the latest iteration of this powerful platform from Honeywell, there are a number of new and enhanced features and functions.  Dynamic floor plans for easily managing your facility security, enhanced dashboards and reporting, and a new mobile app all make the control over your access control and video surveillance systems easier than ever.  A screen capture of the viewer above will give you an example of the management views which can be customized.

We are seeing the continued enhancement of cloud-based security and access control management platforms.  With more features and functionality and with the ease of use and management of a cloud-based platform, it is easier than ever to manage your facility security from anywhere at any time.