Notify Me!

We are quickly entering a world of smart devices that can stay in touch with us remotely.  This gives us the ability to monitor and manage our environment on a real-time basis.  Since many of us are now carrying small computers with us in the form of smartphones, the increased technological horsepower and always-on connectivity has created an environment where we can always be aware of what is happening in our homes and businesses.

One great example of a service that embodies this new ability to monitor our environment remotely is Total ConnectTotal Connect is a service that was developed by Honeywell and installed by security companies that allows anyone to monitor and manage their security and other environmental systems from anywhere at any time.  With a web browser or app on a tablet or smartphone, you can monitor and manage a variety of sensors and controls.

One of the great features I like about this service is that we can install a sensor on just about anything and then tie it to Total Connect so that you are notified with an email or text message if the status of that sensor changes.  So, do you want to know when a door is opened?  We can notify you.  Do you want to know when it is closed?  We can notify you.  Do you want to know when the temperature is below freezing inside your home or business?  We can notify you.

The possiblities are only limited by your imagination.

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security