Office Creepers Still at Work

Have you herd of the term “Office Creeper?”  If not, the definition can be found on this Word Spy web page.  Essentially, an Office Creeper is someone who sneaks into an office building during regular work hours to steal personal property from offices in that building.

In case you are wondering if this really happens, check out this video news story about a recent Office Creeper in Addison, Texas.  The clip includes surveillance video of the crime in progress:


So, as you can see, you have to be careful even if you are in an office building.

According to the news story, the business owner and the police were happy with the quality of the surveillance video.  Are you happy with your video surveillance system?  Do you have one?  Are you missing an opportunity to monitor what is happening in your business?

Don’t let the bad guys creep up on you!

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security