Pictures of Suspect in Rash of Car Burglaries

The bad guys are at it again.  This time, there has been a rash of car burglaries in Gwinnett County.  The police are saying that they have linked 21 burglaries to one person and they are now trying to find him.  This is the link to the article with more details:

The Gwinnett County Post posted a picture of the suspect that was provided by the police.

One thing to note is that this appears to be a picture taken at a Target store (can’t be certain but it looks like Target).  Over the last few years, Target has upgraded their video surveillance capabilities and their investment is paying off as the pictures from those video surveillance systems are providing valuable evidence that can be used by police.

With the arrival of less expensive megapixel video options, high-quality video surveillance systems are becoming much more affordable.  And, they are much more effective.

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-Scott Hightower