Portable Electronics Are Easy Targets for Theft

We all know that electronics are getting smaller all of the time.  Televisions are flatter and lighter.  Projectors and smaller and brighter.  This makes them more portable and easier to steal.  We regularly hear from our customers about thefts of expensive electronic devices.  It is frustrating!

But, there are ways to help prevent the theft of your electronic devices.  First, try not to leave them in unattended areas.  The presence of people in an area is a great deterrent to crime.

Second, there are physical means you can use to protect your equipment.  The most basic is some sort of lock with a cable.  These are available for laptops, televisions, projectors, and other devices that are fairly easy to carry.

Third, there are electronic means to protect your electronics.  In the past, a monitored security system could protect an area where electronic hardware is stored.  That would work well if all of the equipment was stored all of the time.  But, it usually isn’t!  Often, the equipment is in an office, classroom, or other space that the public may be able to access.

There are new options available.  On such option is to use a wireless sensor to protect your electronics.  As an example, Honeywell Security makes a sensor they call the Wireless Asset Protection Sensor.  This is a battery-powered sensor that can be attached to anything and can be programmed to sound an alarm if the protected device is moved.  It is a great option because it can be used to prevent equipment from “walking away” during regular business hours.  It is a great option to protect  your valuable electronics.  A picture of the device is below.

 Wireless Asset Protection Sensor