Smartphone Apps for Your Security System

Lately, it seems that there has been an incredible proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers.  Everywhere I go, I see more and more people using them.  With my new Android phone in hand and my iPad by my side, I have found that the power contained in these mobile devices is pretty incredible and I am always amazed to see all of the new apps that make my life easier or more enjoyable.

As you might imagine, there are mobile security apps that can be used to monitor and manage the security of your home or business.  Total Connect from Honeywell is the one we use to arm and disarm our security systems and to get emailed status alerts.  Also, many new video camera surveillance systems come with apps to let you look at your live video while on the go.

As these mobile devices become more ubiquitous, I fully expect that we will have the ability to control more and more devices and features in our connected homes and businesses.

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security