Measuring Body Temperature with a Camera

One of the great things that comes from challenging situations like the one we are in with the COVID-19 virus is increased innovation.  It is always great to see companies evolving and adapting in the face of adversity.

One of the recent innovations in our industry is the use of thermal imaging cameras paired with video analytics to detect human body temperature.  Thermal camera technology has been available for many years but has only recently been adapted to detect body temperature.

With this latest innovation, thermal measurements of body heat from a camera are compared with a reference temperature to determine if a person’s body temperature is higher than the reference temperature.

One company that is manufacturing this technology is Dahua and this is a link to a video they created that shows the technology in use around the world:

It is important to say that these cameras are not approved medical devices and should not be used for the diagnosis of any medical conditions.  However, this type of solution may end up helping businesses in Atlanta, in Georgia, across America and around the world get back to work safely.

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-Scott Hightower


Photo credit: ID 141985110 © Wit Olszewski |