Thieves Dig Tunnel to Reach Cash

Today’s post comes from an article posted recently online by The Telegraph about a heist in Manchester, England.  I think this article shows the incredible steps that thieves will take to steal.

In the article, the police detail how the thieves spent months to dig a 100 foot tunnel that extended from a railway embankment, went under a parking deck, and then under a shop that had an ATM that was the target of the crooks.  They were able to cut through the concrete floor and get the ATM.  But, the police pointed out that they probably only captured about 6,000 British pounds (about $9,300 U.S. dollars based on today’s conversion rates).

So, if these thieves would go to all of this work to get just over $9,000, imagine what others would be willing to do to break into your business.  If you don’t have a security system for your business, now might be the time to consider getting one.

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security