Thieves Drag ATM Out of Macon Target Store with Pickup Truck

From television station WMAZ Channel 13 in Macon, Georgia (just south of Atlanta) comes this latest story of thievery.  As you will see in the video clip on their website, several thugs drove a white pickup truck through the front doors of Target and then loaded up the ATM that was located near the front of the store.  This is the link to the story with video on the WMAZ website:

WMAZ Story about Target Burglary

Fortunately, Target has pretty good video surveillance systems.  From what I know, they have deployed Axis IP cameras in many of their stores.  So, they were able to get some pretty good video of the incident which will help the police.

It is important for any retail business or any business with a storefront to remember not to put valuable items on display near the front of the store.  This just makes it easier for the bad guys to conduct a hit and run operation.

As we move through the holiday season, it is important to be vigilant.  Property crime usually increases this time of year.

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security