Tips for Managing Your Security Remotely

Tips for Managing Your Security Remotely

Many of you are now working from home in an effort to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  Since many facilities are now empty, there are some things we recommend you check and monitor to ensure the security of your facilities.

Door Access Control – If everyone in your office or facility is working from home, determine if you need to remove facility access for those personnel in order to keep them from going to the office.  For those who continue to need access, you might need to change the hours they are allowed to access your facility.  Also, consider running daily or weekly reports of facility access activity to help you police the guidelines set by your company.

Security/Alarm System – If you have employees who temporarily should not have access to your facilities, consider removing alarm codes from your security system for those users.  You may also need to add alarm user codes for users who typically may not need them due to changing work schedules.  Also, if you don’t have the capability today, consider adding the ability to arm and disarm your security system remotely so that you can grant facility access without physically having to be on site.  These remote management services would also allow you to set up email or text alerts to notify you when someone is arming or disarming the security system.  Most security systems also have a feature that would allow you to set up schedules for automatic arming to make sure your security system is armed at the end of each day.

Video/Camera System – If your facility is unoccupied, it is important to check all of your cameras to ensure that they are working properly.  Determine if any of them need to be cleaned or focused.  Also, it is important to regularly check your recorded video to ensure that the video system is working properly and that video from your cameras are recording.  The wrong time to find out that your system is not recording is after an incident has been reported.  Finally, if you don’t currently have the capability, consider establishing remote access to your camera system so that you can view your video feeds from anywhere at any time.

These are some suggestions and recommendations to consider when managing and monitoring the security of your facilities remotely.   With the abundance of remote monitoring tools and technologies available today, it is easier than ever before to keep an eye on the security of your facilities from anywhere.  If you have questions, please reach out to us at