Why We Like the Cloud for Security

Everywhere we look, we hear about companies offering cloud-based technology services.  Quite simply, a cloud-based service (public cloud-based service) is one that doesn’t require a company to have software running on a server on the company’s premise.

The cloud has come to the security industry too.  In fact, we have been offering cloud-based services for years and the service offerings continue to grow.  There are several reasons we like cloud-based services:

  1. Cloud-based services are built on a proven model.  According to the Rightscale 2017 State of the Cloud report, 41% of companies surveyed are using public cloud services to handle their workloads.  The technology has been tested and proven and the model allows our customers to save money.
  2. Lower up-front investment required.  Because there is no need to set up a server and purchase and install software, our customers are saving money when using cloud-based services.
  3. Platform allows for faster product evolution.  In the past, our customers had to purchase the latest version of software in order to get the latest features.  With cloud-based security services, updates can be pushed out to all end users at once so changes can be made more quickly.  This ensures that our customers get the latest functionality faster.

What are some of the cloud services that are available?  Total Connect from Honeywell is one that has been available for several years and allows control of your security system from a website or smartphone app.

Another service developed by Honeywell that we now offer is called Maxpro Cloud.  It allows for viewing your surveillance cameras remotely and for controlling your card access doors from a website or mobile app.  You can now bring mobile access to your video surveillance and card access control systems!

We will detail more features and benefits of these cloud-based services in future posts.  As always, let us know if you have any questions.  You can email us at info@verifiedsecurity.com.

-Scott Hightower, Verified Security