Top Security Trends in 2022

What are the top trends in physical security management for 2022? Based on our view of market demand and new product availability, we believe that there are four key trends shaping the security market this year. They are increased platform integration, continued migration to cloud-based services, increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and growth in video verification and remote video monitoring. We will explore each of these below.

First, we see a continuing trend in platform integration which makes it easier to operate the physical security systems. Linking your camera system with your badge access control system provides intelligence and monitoring of the entrance and exit activity at your facility. Also, with today’s advanced platforms, it is possible to easily share reports and videos of activity with others from anywhere at any time. Another example of the benefits of integration are with mobile access credentials. It is now possible to store your secure access credential on your smartphone and use your Bluetooth connection to gain access to a facility without having to carry a physical card or keyfob.

Closely linked with the continued move to platform integration is the migration to cloud-based platforms and services. End users are finding that these cloud platforms are far easier to use and manage than the tradition systems which rely on software and servers. With the old software and server model, the user must keep the server up to date with operating system updates and malware prevention while also paying for support agreements and regular software upgrades. With a cloud-based system, the security is maintained by the cloud platform provider and regular updates with new features and benefits are automatically pushed down to the users.

Leveraging the use of cloud-based services, new artificial intelligence technologies are enabling the use of more sophisticated analytics for better identification and notification of actual security threats. Traditionally, video systems could identify motion but could not easily distinguish between the causes of that motion activity. A threat from an intruder would be treated the same as a tree blowing in the wind. This lack of intelligence in detection leads to false activations and notifications which decreases the effectiveness of the video security system. With new software intelligence, video systems can detect specific activities that are identified as potential security threats. Human activity, vehicle detection, and loitering are three examples of more advanced analytics which can decrease false alerts and make your security systems more effective.

Another trend which leverages the more advanced video analytics that are becoming available is the increased adoption of video alarm verification and remote video monitoring. Traditional burglar systems can detect doors opening or motion from motion detection sensors. But these traditional systems provide very little intelligence on the cause of these actions. When alarms are received at a central monitoring center from these types of sensors, the only option is to notify someone and dispatch the police. With the ubiquity of broadband and the advanced video solutions that are available, you can link video cameras with traditional intrusion detection systems which allows an operator in the central monitoring center to view the video for the purpose of identification the cause of the alarm. This allows for reductions in false alarm detections and reporting which frees up police department resources. It also provides a way for faster identification of actual crimes in progress which can generate a quicker response from police authorities. When video is used to verify alarms, operators can also communicate to the site with the alarm to proactively notify the offender that he or she is trespassing and that the police will be dispatched, helping with the prevention of further criminal activity.

We believe that investing in these four trends can make it easier to monitor and manage your physical security systems from anywhere at any time. With this increased ease of use comes increased effectiveness for the security of your facilities and employees.